2006_10_derringer.jpgOf all things you don't want to bring to your swearing-in-as- an-American-citizen ceremony is a gun. But that's exactly what security screeners found in the purse of a Korean woman who was on her way to a naturalization ceremony at U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Mal Soon Jin, who has lived in America for 20 years and works at her family's Brooklyn fruit store, denied knowing how a five-shot Derringer got in her purse. The Sun says she suggested the unloaded gun was placed there by a screener handling her bag, but the Daily News reports the courthouse security statement says it was found "inside a zipped inner compartment of the handbag." Hmm! But really, would you bring a gun to the court where you're being sworn in? Especially after being in the country for 20 years?

Her relatives say she has no use for a gun and is scared of them. Jin was released on $100,00 bond. Jin's lawyer Peter Kirchheimer said there is no way Jin "knowingly" brought the gun to the court house and that when she's cleared, she will be naturalized.