2007_03_eggsbene.jpgThe New York Times travel section brings us a fun photo scavenger hunt this weekend. What are you looking for? Well, "scenes and objects intrinsically New York." The Times gives us a bunch of categories that readers can submit photos for - food, business, transportation, living creatures, and nonedible inanimate objects. In this game that anyone can play (as long as they have a camera), The Times will even take user submitted photos to maybe run in the travel section.

Here are some of the thoughts we have for their challenge:


Longest brunch lines: Clinton Street Baking Company
Most expensive slice of pizza (cheese only): either a sports venue (if they sell by the slice) or an airport
Most expensive slice of pizza (with toppings): Fornino's tartufo pizza (though they don't sell slices, so this is cheating)
Most outrageous fee for an ATM withdrawal: we're not sure, but it seems like a strip club would win out here
Most monstrous baby stroller: check Park Slope
Most amusing spelling or translation error: any of the Chinatowns would be a good bet

There are also several that Gothamist is curious about: worst bagel/cream cheese or spread combo, most out-of-town and/or foreign language newspapers at one newsstand, most Starbucks in one picture, most yellow cabs in one


photo, most unusual piece of refuse, anyone wearing George W. Bush paraphernalia, most dogs with one human.

If you see any of these, feel free to send them to photos@gothamist.com or tag them 'gothamist' on flickr. Or if you don't have a camera, we're curious as to where these things are located anyway.

Photo of eggs Benedict at Tartine by edEx on flickr; Photo of tartufo pizza by Dan Dickinson on flickr; Photo of dog walker by mariab3bx on flickr