Photo of by Tomoharu Mizuno (snowman) djwerdna on flickr; Mizuno finished in 6:25:34

  • The marathon is the city's most lucrative single-day sporting event; this year, the marathon will bring in an estimated $220 million to city businesses.
  • Blind marathoner Henry Wanyoike ran the course in 2 hours, 52 minutes, and 18 seconds. The NY Sun reports that Wanyoike, who is blind from a stroke, runs " tethered by a rope to his partner, Joseph Kibunja." Wow.
  • Lance Armstrong is happier with his second effort marathon effort but he's not sure if he'll come back next year, "I think if I'm going to continue to do a marathon every year, this is definitely the best one to do,just based on the level of support and the motivation out there to run. But I don't know, next year could be another sports challenge, so give me a few months."
  • Former New Yorker Rangers goalie Mike Richter finished with a 3:54:38.
  • Katie Holmes entered the race as "Katie Smith," but marathon organizers changed her name in the athlete tracking system to "Katie Holmes" once they saw her smooching with Tom Cruise along the route.
  • Second place women's finisher Greta Wami may not have won, but she did clinch the 2006-2007 World Marathon Majors title and its $500,000 prize.
  • And when you're one of almost 40,000 people participating in the New York City Marathon, it can sometimes be hard to get noticed. Some people have their names on their shirts, others decide to get dressed up - nothing elicits cheers quite like a crazy costume. While most costumes are not as elaborate as the Village Halloween Parade, marathon runners get pretty creative in order to stand out.

    Here are some of the costumes that we spotted in the Gothamist photostream. We've also looked up the the name and finishing times of each costumed racer. It seems like the bulkiest costumes are not conducive to running. Go figure.

Photo of Anthony Bryan (waiving Bobby) by ianqui on flickr; Bryan finished in 5:40:53; Photo of Mark Sullivan (Paddington) also by ianqui on flickr; Sullivan finished in 5:43:10

Photo of Cesar Carrasco by emilydickinsonridesabmx on flickr; Carrasco finished in 6:54:10

Photo of Paul Rudman (Robin) by djwerdna on flickr; Rudman finished in 4:19:38

Photo of Darrin Goldman (aka Larry the Lighthouse) by urbanshoregirl on flickr; Goldman/Larry finished in 6:54:02

Photo of Roderick James Ashman by ultraclay! on flickr; Ashman finished in 4:40:03

Photo of Guidio Schoppmann and Andrea Memminger (left and center) by arvindgrover on flickr; Shoppmann and Memminger finished in 4:46:38; Photo of Naoya Kinoshita (penguin) also by arvindgrover on flickr; Kinoshita finished in 5:09:17