Photo of the GWB from langnewspaper on Flickr
It took a while to work up the courage, but a shy high pressure system has finally made its presence known. The anticyclone's faltering first steps this weekend allowed some rain to fall early Sunday morning and it drizzled a bit over the city this morning as well. That drizzle is gone and the city should see clear skies for the next couple of days. Today's high should reach the breezy mid 60s.

Clear skies and dry air, the dew point is only 41 degrees, means lots of radiational cooling tonight. Temperatures in the city will drop at least to the upper 40s and there are frost advisories and freeze warnings issued for areas further inland. Tomorrow will be a repeat of today sans morning drizzle.

Happy, puffy white clouds are a good bet for Wednesday as it gets slightly warmer and more humid. The forecast gets a bit blurry later in the week. As the high moves eastward Thursday will likely warm into the lower 70s. Rain moves back into the picture too, but the timing and likelihood of that rain is as yet unknown.