An ex-cop apparently got drunk and lost his gun in the bathroom at East Village gay bar Phoenix this week. Meaning at least two people at the bar were in possession of a gun at one time or another. Just some food for thought before you go all TGIF on the town tonight.

According to the Post, retired NYPD Detective Eric Reynolds was doing some heavy boozing at Phoenix on Tuesday night, and ended up going into the bathroom to purge his drinks. There, the tabloid says he inexplicably left his cellphone and gun on the bathroom sink. He then reportedly reclaimed his cell phone but forgot the gun, and only noticed it was missing after he'd left the bar. And since no one can resist the cold gleam of a handgun, that baby was gone gone gone by the time he went back to search for it.

You can't really blame Reynolds for misplacing his belongings after one too many well drinks—alcohol has cost even the best of us a cellphone, wallet and functioning liver. But considering a Colt .45 is now likely in the hands of an unlicensed unknown, and bar shootings aren't as rare as they should be, this seems slightly more disturbing that getting an iPhone snatched, and as one Phoenix employee told the Post, "Maybe he shouldn’t have brought a gun with him." Can everyone please leave their weapons at home during drinking hours and/or while ordering a Chipotle burrito? Are you really going to fight someone to the death over a pickleback shot?

Reynolds has not been charged with misplacing his weapon.