Might we just say this was the best weekend ever to show an out-of-town visitor around the city? This summer is now up to seventeen days reaching at least 90 degrees. That's right at the long-term average so any more hot days will just be frosting on the cake of summer. Despite its impressive looks, last night's storm only brought a quarter-inch of rain to Central Park.

A cold front bringing drier weather is about to cross the city as we're typing. Once the front passes, the wind will swing around from the north and the dew point will drop to much more comfortable levels. Look for today's high to be in the upper 80s, but it will be a dry heat. Tomorrow will mostly be a repeat but with the chance of a few afternoon clouds if a sea breeze develops.

Another slow-moving front starts approaching Wednesday, once again upping the humidity and the chance for showers. Wednesday and Thursday should both see highs in the mid 80s. The chance of rain increases later in the week as a big upper-level trough slinks down over the eastern third of the country. That trough is expected to hold the temperatures down to the lower 80s next weekend.