rutgers_sst0405.jpgToday is one of those strange weather days when it is actually much warmer in upstate New York than in the city. Highs in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse will approach 60 today, while NYC will be lucky to reach 50 degrees. The reason for this reversal is a high pressure system over the Canadian Maritimes. Air circulates clockwise and outward around high pressure systems which means the city will experience east winds off the ocean today. The temperature of the Atlantic is in the mid-40s and our temperatures reflect that cool air blowing ashore.

The east winds are also piling water up along the shore. There is a coastal flood advisory in effect through tomorrow morning for New York Harbor, western Long Island Sound and the back bays along the south shore of western Long Island. High tide periods will be a foot or more above normal and minor coastal flooding is possible.

The good news is the high is slowly sinking southward. Tomorrow should warm up to the mid-50s and Wednesday may see the mid-60s. Tomorrow shouldn't be as overcast as today, and Wednesday is expected to be mostly sunny. A cold front will begin to move the high out to sea late Wednesday. As it looks now, rain may accompany that front for the remainder of the week.

Satellite image of sea surface temperatures from Rutgers University.