stelmaria_fog.jpgDespite the fog, it looked this morning like today would be the warmest day of the month. Ha! The clear skies that were expected have given way to a layer of milky clouds. That will keep today's high to around what it is now -the mid-50s. Clouds will continue to thicken throughout the afternoon as a powerful cold front, that currently stretches from Hudson Bay to New Mexico, advances upon the region.

A substantial amount of rain is very likely overnight and through the day tomorrow. As the rain arrives so will the cold air. Tomorrow's high temperature will be reached soon after midnight. It will steadily cool throughout the day and it will be windy. In addition to an umbrella and wellies you may want to bring a sweater, hat and gloves to work in the morning.

A few showers may linger into Friday morning. The cold will linger for several days. Highs are expected to be in the mid- to upper-40s through the weekend. Not much warming is expected next week. Then again, Thanksgiving week isn't traditionally one of the warmer weeks of the year.

fog by Stelmaria on Flickr.