Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver does not want a full-blown casino opening within the five boroughs, because he thinks New Yorkers are weak, won't be able to resist the lure and may very well do something stupid when money is involved. Silver told The Daily News, "I don't want to see people going out for lunch during work and losing a week's pay or a month's pay."

It's a decent point, but Govenor Cuomo isn't seeing it. He says that it's time to take a hard look at bringing a casino and all its riches to the city, especially considering all the racinos and Indian tribes casinos' dotting the area. "The gaming issue is an issue that this state has to come to grips with," added Cuomo. The governor knows that a windfall of cash is awfully convincing, so he is "actively" looking at the city.

Meanwhile Silver's position seems a little flimsy. He says casinos are fine for areas like the Catskills and Saratoga Springs, but is firmly against one here. Maybe he thinks people in upstate New York are less likely to put their mortgage payment on black and let it ride than someone in Brooklyn? He must forget that there are odd balls there as well.