Photograph of debris in Staten Island by Tod Seelie / Suckapants

Staten Island, still reeling from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, can add a new disaster to its ranks: a fuel oil spill.

A cargo tank on a barge at May Ship Repair in Staten Island, near the Shooter's Island Bird Sanctuary, has reportedly begun to leak into the water. The Coast Guard went to investigate the spill this morning, and says the leak began yesterday, when oil was being transferred between two barges in the area. Today, clean-up crews tried to contain the spill using floating booms, and they don't know how much has gotten into the water so far, though they said they could see the oil in the water as far as the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge.

The maximum capacity of the tank is 147,000 gallons. Staten Island suffered a high-volume oil spill, off the Arthur Kills waterway last month.