First they came for the R train. Then they came for the 7 train. Then they came for the L train. And now, they've come for the A/C: starting next month, the Cranberry Street Tunnel, which is used by A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan, will be closed for 40 non-consecutive weekends for much-needed Sandy repairs.

The News reports that the repair work will begin on July 11th and stretch over 16 months into 2016. That will include 12 weekend closures through November 14th. During repair weekends, the A/C will be rerouted along the F line between Jay St/MetroTech and West 4th Street, using the Rutgers Street Tunnel.

An MTA spokesman previously told us that the Cranberry Tube didn't suffer the same level of damage during the storm as the Montague and Greenpoint tunnels: "The work involved will be largely electrical, including replacing tunnel lighting, communication cables and antenna cables. Since most of the tunnel structure will be undisturbed, this type of work can be performed during weekend shutdowns instead of long-term tube closures."