The R Train may be back up and running after the 13-month closure of its East River Tunnel, but repairs and service changes are forever. Starting next spring, the Cranberry Street Tunnel, which is used by A and C trains between Brooklyn and Manhattan, will be closed for 40 non-consecutive weekends. This subway system is going to be so awesome once it's finished.

Andy Inglesby, the MTA's Assistant Director for Government and Community Relations, shared the news with Brooklyn Community Board 2's Transportation and Public Safety Committee at their meeting Tuesday night. We reported in April that the A/C and F lines would need repairs that "won't require round-the-clock work," but this is the first update we've received on a timeframe or duration. During repair weekends, the A/C will be rerouted along the F line between Jay St/MetroTech and West 4th Street, using the Rutgers Street Tunnel.

Inglesby also said at the meeting that he sent a letter to various public officials informing them of the details of the tunnel closure. Attempts to obtain that letter were unsuccessful, but Adam Lisberg, the MTA's Director of External Communications, confirmed the 40-weekend closure and rerouting, noting "closures will start next year and continue into early 2016. No particular dates chosen yet."

Asked about the nature of the repairs, Lisberg said, "The Cranberry Tubes fortunately did not suffer the same level of damage [from Hurricane Sandy] as the Montague and Greenpoint tunnels, and don't require the same level of disruption to repair them. The work involved will be largely electrical, including replacing tunnel lighting, communication cables and antenna cables. Since most of the tunnel structure will be undisturbed, this type of work can be performed during weekend shutdowns instead of long-term tube closures.

"We are working with local elected officials and community representatives to plan the schedule for these weekend shutdowns so we can perform this vital work while minimizing the unavoidable disruption to customers who use these tubes on the weekends."