Bowling? A front for the late Yasser Arafat? Reports state that Arafat invested $1.3 million in Bowlmor Lanes in 2002 through a holding company. News of Arafat's stake was a surprise to the owners of Bowlmor, who told the Daily News that they would return the monies and "would have accepted them" if they knew the source. Some of the patrons the News talked to were shocked, where others indifferent, citing that their selection of Bowlmor is purely on a bowling level.

For our part, Gothamist has never really loved Bowlmor. The location is great, but it's expensive, loud, and expensive. Then again, bowling can be a rather loud sport and we did have some fond memories of Bowlmor as youths. We also love the ads for the PBA on ESPN with pro-bowlers facing-off with more "common" people like the grim reaper.