temps_407.jpgAt 3 p.m. today the temperature in Central Park was 77 degrees. That's a typical high temperature for early June. The Weather Service predicted a high of 73 today. Oops! Bigger Oops go to Intellicast for predicting a high of only 68. Biggest Oops, however, are reserved for AccuWeather and their forecasted high of 65. What were they smoking?

Big variations in tonight's forecast as well. The Weather Service is convinced there isn't enough moisture to produce a lot of rain. Intellicast says there's enough water in the air to give us an inch of rain. Gothamist isn't sure which to believe. The Weather Service was better on the high temperature forecast because they saw the air would be dryer. That lends confidence to their lesser rainfall forecast. Then again, the radar shows a lot of rain moving our way.

While we don't know how much it is going to rain tonight, we do know that it will be much cooler tomorrow, through the weekend. Not cold, but right around what it should be for this time of year.

Afternoon temperature map from the National Weather Service