Barneys Co-op has officially opened its doors in Brooklyn (and there's probably nothing the Park Slope Food Coop can do about it). NY1's Roger Clark was reporting from there earlier this morning, and Pat Kiernan Tweeted this photo of his co-worker after being done up by Barney's Creative Director Simon Doonan. (Sadly, they didn't let him keep the clothes.)

Clark says there's "definitely a trend" of Manhattan stores headed to the borough, and the NY Post is wondering if this means Atlantic Avenue could become the next Fashion Avenue (the presence of the store may very well draw in more high end stores).

One local told the paper, "All of Atlantic Avenue used to be Middle Eastern restaurants. There didn't used to be so many fun, interesting things around." And Doonan says, "The Co-op has always had a certain edgy sensibility. The fit with Brooklyn is a natural one." Not everyone is so excited, however—one Brooklyn College student says he "can't afford to even look" at Barneys... but Doonan promises it won't make the neighborhood pretentious, saying, "It's not like we're opening a Chanel." Racked has more photographs.