The housing lottery, which as I've gone over before should really be called the housing jack squattery because that's all you ever win from it, is once again here to tantalize you with dirt cheap apartments in expensive neighborhoods. In this case, you're being tempted with apartments in Williamsburg, apartments that are new and probably out of your price range in most cases.

The lotteries are open for 14 apartments at 33 Ten Eyck Street and 10 apartments at 174 North 11th Street, none of which will run you more than $1,121 per month at most, if you qualify and win. The varieties of apartment at North 11th Street are split between two $722/month studios, three $741/month 1-bedroom apartments and five $900 2-bedroom apartments. Your household will need to make between $30,480 and $57,240 per year if you want to be eligible, and also remember that 50% of the units are set aside for Community Board 1 residents, 5% for municipal employees, another 5% for mobility-disabled applicants and 2% for vision and hearing impaired applicants.

At the Ten Eyck street building, there's one $589/month 1-bedroom apartment, eight $929/month 1-bedroom apartments and five $1,121/month 2-bedroom apartments, open to households who make somewhere between $22,149 and $57,240 per year. The same percentage caveats for the North 11th Street apartments also apply to the Ten Eyck Street units.

Of course, given the odds of winning the housing lottery, definitely don't enter and then burn your bridges with your landlord. On the other hand, this is an instance where even if you don't win, there's the possibility that you can snag a Williamsburg apartment you can afford if real estate prices crash during the upcoming Lpocalypse.