2005_05_myersrum.jpgMost stories about boaters being lost and later helped by the Coast Guard end up as "Man, he was lucky!" type human interest stories. But when three Ukrainian friends were lost in Jamaica Bay, it's cause more for mocking by the media. Mainly because they didn't have a having working radio, lit their flares for fun - not realizing they might be needed in case of trouble, got a cellphone wet when one of them jumped in the water to pushed the boat off a sandbar, and drank a bottle of Myer's Rum. Man, the rum will always do you in. In fact, the NY Post's headline for Alexey Zharov, Roman Gadzhilov, and Alex Glubochansky 's odyssey is "What a Maroon!". And the NY Times' Michael Brick has a fine time with his story:

Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale about a fearless crew stranded on a deserted island, contemplating the culinary merits of seabirds and casting distress signals as one of them swam away for help -- only to get stuck on another isle.

Basically, their story is a comedy of errors (a comedy since they were rescued by the NYPD) and it made Gothamist feel good to know that people are happily bumbling away in order to make good newspaper copy.