A father of four was found dead on the floor of his 99-cent store in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn last night, according to police. Two customers discovered the 59-year-old shopkeeper, Isaac Kadare, bleeding from a head trauma a little before 9 p.m. and called for help. EMS workers declared him dead at the scene.

The NYPD is awaiting the results from the medical examiner before declaring the death a homicide, as there is a possibility Kadare suffered a heart attack followed by a fall. But sources say police are treating it as a probable homicide, though it appeared that the store had not been robbed.

According to neighbors, Kadare was a devout Sephardic Jew who came to the country 30 years ago. He had been running the Amazing 99 cents Deals shop on 86th Street for 16 years, originally as a furniture shop and then a discount store as the economy soured. He also was the landlord of the building the shop was located in.

Kadare reportedly leaves behind a wife, two teenage daughters, a teen son and a 10-year-old daughter. "His family is always there," a tenant said. "His kids are always there. His wife is always there. They weren’t there tonight."

The investigation is ongoing.