Last week, the Transportation Security Administration reminded travelers not to travel with items like nunchuks, grenades, concealed knives and, yes, loaded guns in their carry-on. But people never learn—like the 94-year-old man from Brooklyn who got caught with his loaded gun.

TSA officers say they found the .38 caliber handgun "clipped to his belt as he entered a checkpoint at LaGuardia Airport." The gun had six rounds on it, and it was detected when "the man entered the checkpoint body scanner. It was attached to his belt at the small of his back."

The TSA contacted the Port Authority Police. PA spokesman Joseph Pentangelo said that the man was not arrested: "The firearm was legally possessed, however he was not allowed to travel with it." The man headed to Florida, where his scores will go unsettled.

The elderly man will have a hearing about the matter later.