2008_11_csiart.jpgFor a little inspiration, look no further than the Staten Island Advance's feature on 94-year-old Margaret Ricciardi. Ricciardi, who used to run the Ricciardi Shoe Service at the St. George Ferry Terminal with her late husband, has been taking one or two art classes every semester at the College of Staten Island since 1981 (she finished her B.S. in art at age 72). Oh, and, "She doesn't have time for much more, what with her frequent trips into Manhattan -- by way of Access-a-Ride -- to the theater, the opera, the museums." Ricciardi even took part in CSI's study-abroad program when she was 84! She's taking oil painting and sculpture this term and explains her drive, "I get up in the morning, I have a few aches and pains, but I tell myself -- and don't print this -- 'Get your butt out of bed and move.'"