Eek. A 92-year-old woman sitting on a park bench was hit in the leg by a stray bullet this morning in Harlem. Luckily, she is in stable condition. But in an odd twist? The bullet that hit the woman came from a former NYPD officer's gun.

"There was a dispute between a retired officer and another individual — apparently, over the retired officer’s daughter," Ray Kelly explained earlier today. According to reports the former cop was visiting his daughter, who lives in the Grant housing project at 1315 Amsterdam Avenue, a bit after 10 a.m. when he got into a fight with the woman's boyfriend outside the building. During the fight, the man reached for the former officer's firearm, and in the struggle it went off. The bullet shot across the street and hit the older woman in the leg.

EMS quickly rushed the woman to St. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital, where she is currently listed in stable condition. According to the NYPD the boyfriend is currently in custody as a person of interest and charges are pending.