While it's been nearly 13 years since the September 11 attacks, a small group of conspiracy theorists have been gathering regularly to debate what happened with 7 World Trade Center. The collapse of 7 WTC has led many, including this Super Bowl press conference crasher, to believe the government was behind the explosion and now it's being reported that one group is working to get on the NYC ballot this year.

Crain's reports, "NYC Coalition for Accountability Now... is following the steps to place a referendum on the ballot in November that would require the city’s Department of Buildings to investigate the collapse of any building taller than 20-stories dating back to 9/11, and in the future, but not including the Twin Towers. So far, only 7 WTC fits that description."

Some more details:

The Highrise Safety Initiative has gathered more than 53,000 signatures, far beyond the requisite 30,000, which it will present to the City Council July 3. Assuming the council declines to act on the proposal—spokesmen for the council and Mayor Bill de Blasio declined to comment—the group would then gather an additional 30,000 signatures to submit in September to force its initiative onto the ballot. Approval by a majority of those who vote on the question would compel the city to act on its instructions.

When our Christopher Robbins went to a 9/11 truther conference in 2011, a Harvard-educator speaker, Dr. Graeme MacQueen, said, "If Building 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition…we have to ask the question 'why?' Why have we been lied to for nine and a half years? Why did they do it? These are all valid questions, but I won't visit them today."