Did you know that there are children growing up in this country with no understanding of why Americans are spending trillions of dollars fighting endless bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Come to think of it, we still don't really understand it either, but thankfully Mike Huckabee is here to teach young and old alike about what happened on 9/11, and why we had no choice but to fight our so-totally-worth-it War on Tactic. Pour yourself a bowl of Little Chocolate Donuts and press your face close to the screen; it's a cartoon! And it's available now for just $19.95 (plus shipping and handling). Here's a preview:

See, who says 9/11 has to be boring. Of course, there's nothing in that clip about the government deciding ten years later to screw over the cancer-stricken heroes who rushed to the scene, nor is there anything about the controlled demolition of WTC Building 7, but we're guessing that's all covered in the full DVD, which you can also stream online for $9.95. (Not $9.11?! Some patriot Mike Huckabee turned out to be.)

Still not convinced? "This special introductory episode teachers your kid valuable concepts including helping others, being heroic, protecting America, and standing up to evil!!" And just listen to testimonials from satisfied history consumers like Robyn B. from California, who raves, "My daughter was just an infant when 9/11 happened, and it's always been hard for me to try and explain why we were attacked. But this video really helped me to show her what happened and what America did about it in a way she could understand." Why couldn't Mike Huckabee have produced this video sooner? George Bush was always confusing us with his fancy sophisticated explanations for what he did about 9/11.

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