Hundreds of demonstrators protested over the weekend against the plan to try Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other suspected 9/11 plotters in a Manhattan civilian court.

On Saturday, protesters rallied in Foley Square in front of the federal court complex, arguing that the accused terrorists should not be transferred to New York from Guantanamo Bay, and that their fates should be decided in military tribunals. Actor Brian Dennehy spoke out at the rally, claiming that a civilian trial would be "an uncalled-for ordeal that could be used for political purposes," according to ABC. "This will provide the radicals with a huge forum. Why should they have the normal constitutional protections?"

US Attorney General Eric Holder has defended the plan to try the suspects just blocks from the scene of the 9/11 attacks, stating: "I’m not scared of what [terror mastermind] Khalid Sheik Mohammed has to say at trial — and no one else needs to be either." According to the Post, the crowd at the protest booed whenever the Obama's name or Holder's name were mentioned.