Because the spirit of togetherness and healing the country felt after September 11 is far behind us, the 9/11 Museum's projected opening date of September 2012 is likely to be pushed back, as the Port Authority and the September 11 Memorial & Museum foundation are at odds over hundreds of millions of dollars in construction costs. "The Port Authority, the city and the museum are working collaboratively to resolve these matters," the PA's executive director tells the WSJ. What, they didn't sell enough commemorative coins?

The PA "stopped approving new contracts and extensions of existing contracts" on construction at the site in September, because they claim the foundation owes them $156 million. Meanwhile the foundation and the city charge that the PA owes them more than $100 million "on account of delays." Plus, neither side can agree on who will pay the $300 million security costs the site will incur. Bloomberg's spokesperson indicated that the mayor's office is "confident" that the disputes will be ironed out, but monetary disputes have plagued the project since its inception.

Lest you believe that money is the root of the September 11 museum controversy, you'll recall that atheists are suing to prevent the "9/11 cross" from being exhibited. As usual, God interferes with the progress of man. When reached for comment, He tells us that as compensation, Bigfoot, Tupac and Elvis are still scheduled to attend the ribbon-cutting.