Some of the most powerful and controversial images of the September 11th attacks are those of victims who jumped from the twin towers to escape the intense conditions within the buildings. The 9/11 Museum and Memorial will include them in their exhibit, and the museum's president told the Post, "It is honestly one of the most difficult things that we battle with," and compared their place at the memorial to Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust memorial. Perhaps the most iconic of these photos is one taken by AP photographer Richard Drew that has been deemed "Falling Man."

Drew recently gave an interview to the Daily Beast on the story behind the photo, from his trek from Bryant Park, where he was covering a fashion show, down to the World Trade Center site, and offers his thoughts on what the picture invokes. Please BE ADVISED: we have re-published the photo below. In his interview, Drew says:

I think people are drawn to it and I guess repulsed by it in that they feel it could be them in that situation. For me, it’s a very quiet moment. It’s not a violent picture in any way. I think some people are turned off by this picture because it could be their fate. But it’s not a part of this man’s death, it’s a part of his life. It’s also very symmetrical, and I trust that to the camera. It bisects the north and south tower and he’s almost like an arrow, in a way.