Photographs of the 9/11 Memorial in Boston from the AP

Dignitaries and families of September 11 victims gathered for the dedication a 9/11 memorial in Boston yesterday. Before you wonder why a memorial is by a thruway, the memorial sits on the property of Logan Airport, where two of the hijacked planes started their flights--United 175 and United 11--before crashing into the World Trade Center.

One woman whose husband died aboard UA Flight 175 told the Boston Globe, "I didn't expect it to be as heart-wrenching as it was. We've been to so many services and memorials, but this makes me realize that my memories are not buried as deep in my heart as I thought they were." The memorial, made of glass and steel, is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and was designed by Moskow Linn. It has the names of 175 victims inscribed in glass panels and the winding paths to the memorial are supposed to "mirror the twisting flight paths." The words "Remember this day" are also inscribed on a terrace.

A man whose wife, a flight attendant, died on American Flight 11 said, "There's some comfort here, but unfortunately it brings up the tragic events of Sept. 11."