911, the last system you ever want to have technical problems, is having technical problems. A newly implemented, computerized emergency response program reportedly crashed on Wednesday afternoon for several unfortunate minutes, forcing call-takers to write down emergencies on slips of paper and rush them by runners to NYPD and EMS radio rooms like email-less Neanderthals. Then it happened again. And again!

“We were told this new system would never go down,” a 911 worker told the Daily News, “and it crashes on the first day, when there’s not even a big call volume.”

The system crashed for 16 minutes on Wednesday, and again for six minutes on Thursday, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly told reporters yesterday.

"They thought they had it fixed at 3 a.m. this morning and then obviously this happened again so it has to be thoroughly examined," Kelly said, right before the system blinked out for the third time for a duration of 15 minutes.

The $2 billion system has endured a lengthy history of setbacks, and has been criticized for its persistent bugginess and high price tag.