Families of 9/11 victims are at it again. Not content after getting rid of the the International Freedom Center they are now trying to halt construction of the one thing that actually seems to be moving along at Ground Zero: Santiago Calatrava's PATH station (a station the Post calls "controversial" to which our response is "don't you mean soaring? And controversial for what? The planned shopping area?"). Seems that they are upset over an extra platform that the station didn't have before 9/11, as the new platform would stretch into the footprint of the south tower.

There was a time when we felt great sympathy towards the 9/11 families. We understood that the circumstances under which they lost their family members were traumatic (they certainly were for us, so we could only imagine what it was like for them) and that in the name of common decency being as kind to these people as possible was a reasonable idea and possibly in everyones best interest. That time is quickly passing. The comments when we mentioned this before lead us to think we're not alone in our opinion.

In the meantime, the Times at least is reporting something akin to progress at Ground Zero. It seems that planners have finally settled on a height for the new Memorial Plaza (313 feet above the World Trade Center Downtwon Restoration Program Datum or 313 feet above 297.347 below sea level or 15.653 feet above sea level). Having settled this height apparently will make it easier to figure out the exact height of all of the other buildings that won't be built for another decade or three.