This 911 dispatcher finds her job just hilarious, giggling like a school girl while relaying information that a disturbed man was uncertain whether he'd actually stabbed his girlfriend, or merely had a dream about it, the Post reports.

“This man said that he had a dream that—I can’t even talk right now,” the dispatcher says, overcome by the comedy of it all.

The man in question turned out to be Ronald Friedfertig, who indeed was arrested earlier this week for stabbing his girlfriend, Yvonne Gefner, to death in their Midwood home. According to police, Friedfertig left a note along with Gefner's body, saying that the 57-year-old woman was "casting spells" on him.

The dispatcher was apparently so occupied with her laughing fit that she also failed to include several key details when relaying the message to police—such as that the emergency call had initially been placed by Friedfertig's concerned shrink. She also managed to totally mishandle the details of the case.

"She told a cop no assault had occurred and even mixed up the victim and suspect, mistakenly telling police a hospitalized man wanted his home checked because he dreamed he was attacked there," the Post reports. "By the time cops busted down the door, Friedfertig was already in a mental hospital after throwing himself in front of a Q train."

Maybe the problem isn't so much the multibillion dollar dispatch system as the people operating it.