The 9/11 Commission has issused its complete report, and the net net is that the government failed America and that other attacks could come. Great! (That's a sarcastic "Great!" masking our inner rage-and-upset, for all the literalists out there. Reading the lede of the NY Times story about the report - "The terrorists of Sept. 11, 2001, succeeded because the government of the United States — shackled by a mentality and a national-security bureaucracy more appropriate for a bygone cold war era — failed at many levels, the commission investigating the attacks said today as it warned that other, even deadlier attacks are likely." - gave us another ulcer.) The AP reported that President Bush thanked 9/11 Commissioners Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton for a "really good job" after they gave him the 587-page report.

You can buy The 9/11 Commission Report at Amazon (the author is "National Commission on Terrorist Attacks ") or at a bookstore near you - it's $8 - or you can read the report for free, if you want to tackle it online via the PDF.