New Yorkers are constantly told to "see something, say something." But that maxim really backfired for one area man who is now in big trouble for calling 911 about the planes flying into the World Trade Center... last month. Jason Golub, 40, says he doesn't exactly remember calling 911 from the corner of Cortlandt and Church streets on July 9th at 4 a.m., but investigators say his voice was preserved on tape insisting, "There are airplanes flying into the World Trade Center! I need assistance at the World trade Center!"

According to a criminal complaint obtained by the Post, Golub was arrested yesterday on a charge of falsely reporting an incident. He also allegedly told 911 operators, "I called President Bush! I want to be connected to the government! Airplanes are going to blow up the World Trade Center!"

When investigators played a recording of the call for Golub, he allegedly admitted, "That’s my voice. That’s me, but I don’t remember making that call. I get drunk a few times a week, so I guess I could have done it." Amazing. We're really in big trouble if this guy ever joins forces with that Harvard grad who drunkenly set fire to the chapel that housed 9/11 remains.