A 90-year-old Holocaust survivor successfully fought off a would-be robber in Greenwich Village this week. Gina Zuckerman was walking to a senior center near Fifth Avenue and West 12th Street around noon Tuesday when a woman grabbed her from behind and tried to take her purse. "She pushed me to the ground," Zuckerman told the Post. "She cursed at me: 'You stupid idiot! You moron!'"

The mugger threw Zuckerman to the ground and wrestled with her. “I was scared,” Zuckerman added. "She was a little taller than me, and bigger. I did everything I could to defend myself. But I didn’t hurt her — she hurt me. She dug her nails into my arm and made me bleed." As they fought, passersby approached, but the suspect lied and said she was Zuckerman's home health aide. When two cops approached, the suspect fled, leaving Zuckerman on the pavement.

"I would have gladly given her $5" had the mugger just asked, Zuckerman said, noting she only had $10 on her that day anyway. "But I was not going to be beaten for it." Zuckerman was treated for cuts to her right arm and right middle finger at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. The suspect was last seen wearing a black tank top, red pants, black shoes and carrying a black purse.

Zuckerman told DNAInfo that she worked for 28 years in advertising on Madison Avenue; she also discussed surviving six years of forced labor in Germany, and her plans to vote for Hillary Clinton for president over Donald Trump: "I don't like the things he says," she said. "I don't like rude men. Enough rude men."

There has been a small uptick in elderly muggings and assaults compared to last year, leading the NY Post to conclude, "It’s no longer safe for the city’s senior citizens to go outside."