The family of a man injured in a motorcycle accident involving a 90-year-old driver is questioning whether someone that age should even be on the road. 55-year-old Angel Colon is suing 90-year-old Marion Clement after his leg was partially amputated due to an accident in Ancram. Clement was driving a rented minivan to visit her disabled son when she made a left into a group of motorcyclists. "They don't rent to 21-year-olds. Why should they rent to a 90-year-old?" Colon's wife asks the Post. Yeah! Who let that senior citizen out of her cage?

Clement, a psychoanalyst who lives on the Upper West Side, just passed her eye exam for renewing her license. New York State has no law prohibiting the elderly from driving. "I shouldn't be restricted in anything," she says, "I feel I have more energy and more experience than most people around." She adds that "there are plenty of people at 40 who shouldn't be driving, or 30." And at 90 years old the chances of them driving while using an iPhone HAS to decrease.

Rivera's wife believes that "by the age of 75, the should have everyone [take a new road test]," which is what happens in DC and Illinois, and 28 other states that restrict drivers licenses for the elderly. Besides a few speeding tickets, Clement says her driving record was "perfect" before the accident. Should old folks give up their keys at a certain age? Or is New York stuck with experiencing a Grey Dawn?