2006_03_sideshock.jpgResidents and politicians are up in arms over what seems like the latest stupidity from Con Ed: A 9 year old boy got an electrical shock while crossing the street at 127th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard yesterday afternoon. Con Ed did not find any stray voltage at the metal plate (you know, the ones that are on the road because there are potholes or massive digs below), though the original complaint called into Con Ed said there was smoke coming from the plate. City Councilman John Liu told reporters on the scene, "Stray voltage is not something that stays constant. Stray voltage is unpredictable, it's erratic..it just pops up. This is testimony that we received two years ago," (probably during the Jodie Lane electrical shock death investigation). Liu is now convening a special meeting this morning at 10AM to discuss the issue with Con Ed and the Department of Transportation. The boy is recovering at St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and area residents are trying to avoid walking on metal plates.

Hmm, what are the odds Con Ed says the voltage was "errant," as they have in the past? And this year, some people in Times Square have been shocked and a dog in Brooklyn died from an electrified sidewalk.