A 9-year-old boy took a bullet to the foot while walking home from school with his cousins in the Bronx yesterday. One of his cousins tells NBC New York, "I came out the store, I had my back turned. By the time I turned around, there was two shots and my cousin was on the floor. He said "I'm shot, I'm shot.'" Witnesses say they heard at least five shots, and the unidentified boy was caught in the crossfire.

The shooting occurred on East 175th Street and Prospect Avenue in Crotona Park East, shortly before 4 p.m. on a sidewalk crowded with children after school let out. "He was very afraid for his life," the cousin told ABC 7. "He told me, 'This is the first time I've ever got shot.' Oh my God, oh my God. He was bleeding everywhere, there was a lot of blood." The boy was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center and treated for non-life threatening injuries.

Police sources tell the Daily News two men were in an altercation and one of the men opened fire. Investigators are searching for three suspects who fled the scene in a white vehicle.

The boy was discharged from the hospital last night and told CBS 2, "I’m feeling good." But his great-grandmother is understandably outraged. "It’s sad. It’s a disgrace,” she told CBS 2. “Kids can’t come from the school; can’t go to school.”