A few more details from the violent altercation on Euclid Avenue and Fulton Street early Sunday morning. According to the Post (check out the photo), "The melee began after a young woman told her friends that she was pushed by another person" at a Cypress Hills party around 1:45 a.m. A witness-turned-victim told the Daily News, "Two girls started arguing and then a dude stepped in and just started waving a knife around...He was really drunk," prompting one of the girls to take out her knife, "That's when it got really bad. There was blood everywhere. I tried to stop the guy from going after the girl with a knife. What does a guy have to go after a girl for? That's when he cut me - two times in the hand." A total of nine people were wounded, including one man who was chased up the stairs at the Crescent Avenue subway station and another who, per the Post, "was stabbed in the side of the head [and] then proceeded to walk about 4 miles to Jamaica Hospital." The police tell us no arrests have been made and that the investigation is ongoing.