After testing positive for cocaine use nine times while out on bail, former preschool director Andy Lewis has finally exhausted the patience of a Federal judge. Lewis, whose Brooklyn Children's Academy was shut down last year after parents discovered exposed wires, unpainted walls and noxious fumes in the building, is charged with stealing more than $500,000 in government funding intended for free meals for poor youths at his Better Brooklyn Community Center. But where, pray tell, could all that money have gone?! According to court papers from April obtained by the Daily News, Lewis blamed the test results on a cocaine-laced cigarette someone gave him. But Judge Kiyo Matsumoto wouldn't be fooled again, and said she felt "ridiculous" for giving Lewis so many chances. (His lawyer unsuccessfully argued that his client should remain free because he had passed nearly twice as many tests as he had failed.) When Judge Matsumoto told Lewis he would be incarcerated, the defendent reportedly cried, "Oh, my God, I can't go to jail! I beg of you! God Almighty! Please, your honor, reconsider!"