An elderly woman taking a walk outside her building was killed by a stray bullet yesterday afternoon in Brooklyn. Witnesses tell WCBS 2 that they saw 87-year-old Anna Surman "feeding cats in the courtyard at Surfside Gardens, where two of the buildings house seniors." The Daily News reports that Surman was hit around 4:50 p.m: "'Me shot, me shot. Someone shot me,' Surman screamed, recalled Neyla Andreyeva, 71, a neighbor. Bleeding heavily from a wound to her neck, Surman collapsed on the concrete and was taken to Lutheran Medical Center, where she died a short time later." Residents are upset with the growing violence, with one telling the NY1, "Another day out here I guess. There's been several shootings happening for the past week, three days out of the week. It's happened like almost everyday," while a community activist told WCBS 2, "We don't understand all the nonsense that is going on with the guns, but it really needs to come to a close." The police, who will be reviewing surveillance footage, seek two gunmen who were spotted fleeing the area.