Two teenage twin sisters have been arrested for allegedly tying up and robbing an 85-year-old 'sugar daddy' they met on a dating website. Shalaine and Shaina Foster, both 17, allegedly tied retired lawyer Paul Aronson to a coffee table in his East 38th Street apartment for 20 hours while they went shopping with his credit cards.

According to the News, Aronson met the Shalaine on Seeking Arrangement, the popular sugar daddy website. When they made plans to go out for dinner on October 1st, Shalaine brought along her sister; they went back to Aronson's apartment, and after a few cocktails, the twins took out zip ties. "Defendant Shania Foster zip-tied informant’s leg to a coffee table while defendant Shalaine Foster zip-tied informant’s hands behind his back," court papers said. "The informant fell onto the floor and could not get up and laid on the ground for approximately 20 hours."

While Aronson was tied up, the twins allegedly went shopping for makeup and clothes with his credit cards and nearly $500 in cash. The girls' lawyer, Brian Kennedy, had a slightly different take on the incident: he said the girls were "lured in there with a promise of dinner, a promise of alcohol and I think there was an expectation of something more on the part of Mr. Aronson."

A woman the News identified as the twins' mother, Liza Torres, told them: "These are 17-year-old, upstanding citizens. They’re not sleazy girls at all, whatsoever. It’s going to ruin their lives forever," she said. "I don’t know what to say other than this is horrible."

The twins have been charged with kidnapping, robbery, burglary, grand larceny and assault. Both girls have previously been arrested (including for "possession of a sealed instrument," and for "introduction of prison contraband").