An 85-year-old grandmother was found stabbed to death in her Bedford-Stuyvesant home Friday morning. Police say a family member found the body of octogenarian Gloria Cadet seated in front of a couch with a towel around her head inside her Jefferson Avenue home just before 8 a.m. yesterday. At first, everyone thought she had died of natural causes, until mortician Walter Corey took off the towel: “There was about a three inch cut right below her chin and about three or four puncture wounds,” Corey told CBS. “I think the investigators that arrived prior to me should have done more investigating. This way, they would have discovered before I did."

“They think she bumped her head, then they cleared it and said ‘natural causes,’ signed off on death certificates, told us to call funeral parlor and everything and we did so,” Cadet’s granddaughter, Christina Oge, added. Corey, who works at the Guarino Funeral Home on Flatlands Avenue, didn't think it was that surprising: “I thought to myself that was not a natural death. Especially with the amount of blood that was at the scene," he told the News.

The victim’s family said Cadet, who owned the building where she lived for more than 20 years, lived by herself. Police added that her home wasn't ransacked and there were no signs of forced entry; no arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. "Someone stabbed her or killed her? How can that happen? This whole block is a neighborhood watch. Someone on this block had to know," neighbor Rodney Edmonds told NY1.