The driver of a Revel scooter fatally struck an elderly woman near Columbus Circle last month, police said on Wednesday.

Helga Schnitker, an 82-year-old Upper West Side resident, was crossing Broadway at 60th Street when she was hit by the 23-year-old scooter operator on the morning of September 29th, according to the NYPD.

She suffered head trauma, police said, and was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

The driver remained on the scene and was not charged. A preliminary investigation found the woman was in the crosswalk during the collision. Police did not provide further details about the crash or explain why they did not make it public until weeks later.

The incident is believed to be the first fatal crash involving a pedestrian since the electric scooter company arrived in New York City last year.

This past summer, three people were killed while riding the scooters, leading Revel to temporarily suspend operations. At the time, Mayor Bill de Blasio warned that Revel could face a permanent ban if they didn't implement more robust safety protocols.

The company has also racked up a spate of injury lawsuits from riders, some of whom claimed they encountered faulty brakes and balding tires on the scooters.

The scooters returned to city streets in August with new measures that force users to prove they're wearing a helmet and increase penalties on reckless riders.

UPDATE: Following publication of this story, Revel CEO Frank Reig provided Gothamist with the following statement:

Electric moped sharing is an increasingly important part of New York’s transportation ecosystem, especially as COVID-19 has created a real need for socially-distant modes. Revel should face the same consideration for how it works on the streets as any other part of the transportation system - commercial trucks, livery, drivers of private vehicles and more. Our condolences are of course with the family of the person lost last month. As a company born and bred in New York, we care deeply about the city and its people. That’s why we’re working so hard to make New York’s streets work better for all of the city and why we’ve introduced industry-leading safety protocols across all seven of Revel’s markets. "