2007_03_lilwald.jpgA crazy confrontation occurred yesterday morning at the Lillian Wald Houses in the East Village. Eighty-two (or 84) -year-old Rosa Rodriguez opened her apartment door to a 60-year-old neighbor, Martha Lugo. Lugo asked for change for $10, and then things went downhill from there.

According to Rodriguez's niece Margarita DeLeon, Lugo borrowed money from Rodriguez many times, all without paying, which had started an argument between the two. Lugo said, "Lady, I'm going to kill you," and then hit Rodriguez with a metal pipe. Then she threw a burning pillow into Rodriguez's apartment. The fire was so intense that windows were blown out - see photos from Newsday.

Rodriguez was rescued by neighbors and firefighters put the fire out in 7 minutes. Lugo has been charged with attempted murder, assault and arson. Rodriguez is in stable condition at Bellevue; she suffered a laceration on the head and a broken hand.