Tribeca residents are upset that 60 Hudson Street still gets to house 80,000 gallons of diesel fuel. No, this fuel is not for a very cold winter, but for back-up generators since the building is a "telecom hotel" - a place for telecoms to store their equipment. The thing is that the old 7 World Trade Center had 40,000 gallons of diesel stored in its basement, and many believe that's why it collapsed, so 60 Hudson's mother lode of fuel is such a hot topic. Residents are worried that the building is a terrorist target, and Congressman Jerrold Nadler says, "Housing this much fuel in a residential area is a stupid idea, not to mention irresponsible, reckless and life threatening. We are asking for trouble." The city's stance is different: Since most of the fuel is stored underground, and whatever fuel above ground is supposedly protected by being "enclosed by floor-to-ceiling fire-resistant walls," then it's all okay! Mayor Bloomberg said, "Congressman Nadler has discovered something that has been in the papers for an awful long time. There is fuel stored there. Fuel to run generators in case of an emergency." Way to explain things, Bloomberg. Anyway, Gothamist wonders how the 80,000 gallons of diesel would be moved out of the building: Would there were tons of barrels being rolled out? And we like that this topic is out in the public, because now we know where not to move.

60 Hudson Street is actually the old Western Union building.