Extell, creator of some of Manhattan's tallest, priciest and most reviled towers, is being accused of sinking the street behind its latest behemoth development at 250 South Street in the Lower East Side.

According to Bowery Boogie, Cherry Street has sunk between two and three inches since the developer began building its 80-story tower.

“We are worried about the sinking of this street and how this might affect the entire area especially considering the plaza sidewalk damage,” one neighbor told the blog. "And it’ll only get worse. There are at least another four years of work before this phallus comes to life."

And when the phallus does...come to life...its inhabitants will also reportedly be living atop a FEMA-designated flood zone.

A spokesperson for Extell said the company has "no basis and no comment," presumably meaning that there is no basis for the allegation that the development is sinking the sidewalk. (She declined to clarify.) A spokesperson for DOT said they would look into the matter.

Locals have long been protesting the high-rise, which they say is displacing low-income residents.

"I'm tired of the drastic changes that are affecting my community. People can't afford where they live. People can't afford food where they live. There's a lot of seniors out here who live on a very low fixed income and it's so sad that the people here can't buy," one protester told us in April. "I don't recognize my community anymore."

On the bright side, the new tower will house 646 market rate units and amenities like "multiple swimming pools, a bowling alley, golf simulator, and a Turkish bath."