An 8-year-old boy, who had just returned home from school, was standing on a Brooklyn sidewalk with his mother when an out-of-control minivan jumped the curb. The incident occurred when a driver was trying to parallel park on Stratford Road—the driver went into reverse and, according to WCBS 2, "witnesses said the Ford hit another vehicle before going into the building, hitting both the boy and" his mother. The boy, Justin Abuled, was, 1010WINS reports, "apparently slammed through the door of a building and shattered glass severed his leg." And a neighbor told the Post, "His leg was off to the side, he was fidgeting and crying, asking for his mother." Neighbors also packed up the leg on ice and doctors are hoping to reattach it. The Daily News, which says the boy's foot (not leg) was severed, reports that the minivan driver said his brakes failed; no charges have been filed yet.