At a press conference last summer, Mayor de Blasio described his mission to remove all inactive sidewalk shedding on NYCHA properties—which, according to a mayoral press release, "obstructs visibility, creates a sense of danger, and often collects trash"—as a personal "obsession."

Today, that mission has been largely realized: De Blasio announced that NYCHA has removed over 43,000 feet of sidewalk shedding at sites that don't have active construction. This, compared to the measly 9,966 feet that are actually protecting passersby from falling debris.

Speaking at the Sheepshead Houses in Sheepshead Bay, where inactive shedding stood for five years, de Blasio said, "You can understand why anyone would feel less safe with all of these obscured areas and all of these places that light didn’t shine."

All told, 8 miles of sidewalk shedding have been removed from city streets since de Blasio took office. Perhaps it's time to bring back the Urban Umbrella?