Earlier this morning, three cars—including an unmarked police car—were involved in a crash at Atlantic Avenue and Van Siclen Avenue in Brooklyn. Eight people, two of them police officers, were treated for minor injuries.

According to the police, the officers in the unmarked police car noticed a Nissan Altima at Liberty and 121st Street in Queens and saw it run a red light. (It's believed the Nissan may have been involved in a hit-and-run.) The cops turned on the sirens and lights but the car didn't pull over, so the police continued to follow the car into Brooklyn.

At Atlantic and Van Siclen, the Nissan hit the rear end of a BMW and then the car spun. The police car then hit the Nissan. A witness told WABC 7, "Cop car right here had hit the black car, spinned it, it flipped like three times. As it was flipping, it wound up hitting this car, made this car come on this side of the road, and it was a lot of people that was injured."

The Nissan had one person inside, the BMW had five passengers and the police car had two cops. The driver of the Nissan is reportedly in police custody.