Eight puppies individually clad in holiday sweaters were rescued from an abandoned building in Gravesend yesterday after cops responded to a suspected burglary call. Again, eight puppies. Wearing holiday sweaters. WITH THESE FACES.

According to the 61st Precinct's Twitter, cops were called to the vacant building at 1818 Ocean Parkway yesterday morning, after the building's owner reported noises he believed might have come from a burglar. Turns out, though, that those suspicious scuffles were just the sweet, sweet sounds made by a litter of Maltese mixes found caged and sweater-attired on the building's third floor.

While a neighbor told the Post that the building is "really, really nasty," cops say that the puppies looked like they'd been properly cared for. "They had sweaters on and someone left food for them," an officer told the tabloid. "It looks like someone was trying to look out for them."

The puppies have since been collected by Animal Care & Control and will be up for adoption in a couple of days, if anyone feels like getting me a Valentine's Day gift.