A 74-year-old Staten Island man is under arrest after allegedly trying to shoot his estranged wife in a Dongan Hills bowling alley. Around 9 a.m. yesterday, police say Armando Tritto opened fire in Rab's Country Lanes, shooting twice in the direction of wife Maureen Curry Tritto, 48, who is currently divorcing him. Curry Tritto, who works in the snack bar at the bowling alley, managed to escape without injury and hide in a storage closet. Her husband then allegedly fired a third round through the door of the closet, missing her again.

“I think [Armando] had a screw loose in his noodle,” a neighbor tells the Daily News. “I met him once at the bowling alley and he was not a nice guy.” One regular at the alley, 70-year-old Arthur White, also tells the News he showed up yesterday morning to find police swarming the alley: “That’s when I knew something was wrong. I knew they didn’t come in to bowl early in the morning."

Friends say Tritto's failing health had been a problem in their relationship, and that he'd come to the bowling alley that morning to plead with her to come back. One friend tells the Staten Island Advance that she responded, “I told you, we’re done." That's when Tritto allegedly pulled out a silver gun and started shooting. "Thank God, he’s old and he moved slow," the friend added. (At press time, it was unclear if a league game was being played.)

After allegedly firing three rounds and hurting nobody, Tritto fled the bowling alley in a white Ford Fusion. After what the Advance describes as "a low-speed pursuit," officers apprehended Tritto, who struggled with police and slightly injured two officers. He then complained of chest pains and was taken to a local hospital, where he remains under guarded observation. He's charged with attempted assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and resisting arrest.